15 Creative Wedding Invitations That Will Wow

Has he finally popped the question? If he did, we hope that it was a romantic proposal that has the family eagerly talking of your future big day and has inspired you to put together your fairy-tale wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ve likely already announced your wedding at this point (if not, click here for our suggestions) and are currently whittling down your extensive wedding guest list. Trying to decide where your exclusive wedding invitations should be heading is a tough decision and requires a lot of thought, and so does how you’re going to ask. Unique wedding invitations can be your calling card and a great way to build up anticipation. The right invitations can represent your planned wedding theme or show off a humorous side of your personality while delivering all the important bits of information everyone will need.

We’ve compiled a fun selection of creative wedding invitations that are certain to stir the excitement within your guests when they receive their official invitation to the party of the year.


Hobby Themed Wedding Invitation Ideas

You’re a bride soon-to-be and you want to make sure that anyone that comes to your wedding knows you. Creative wedding invitations that are inspired by you and your fiance’s interests are sure to deliver a personal touch that anyone who knows you will instantly understand.



Invite those who know that you have a tendency to get lost in fairytales to be a part of your special story with your creative wedding invitations inside editions of your favourite books.



You both have a love for concerts and belting out tunes, so concert themed wedding invitations will let your guests know to expect a memorable show.


You’re snap happy and love nothing more than filling your Instagram feed with beautiful pictures. If that sounds like you, then this unique wedding invitation that uses film canisters to reveal their invite might just be what you’re looking for.

Board Games

You’re a strategist who loves nothing more than spending time playing family board games, so a creative wedding invitation idea is to base your invites on your favourite board game like this fantastic Monopoly wedding invitation.



Maybe you’re both real jet-setters or you’re having your wedding abroad. Either way, passport themed wedding invitations are certain to demonstrate your wandering nature.



Parrtttaaayyyy, I mean, wedddiiinnngggg! Having a good time is not only your life’s motto, it’s what you intend everyone will have at your wedding so a fun wedding invitation idea for you might be a party balloon that showcases all of the information once you blow it up.

Movie and TV Inspired Wedding Invitation Ideas

There are so many movies and TV shows that you could draw inspiration from to create a creative wedding invitation that everyone will be able to recognise it.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones themed wedding invitations could be a lot of fun placing your guests in houses that best represents their personality. You could take this a step further by keeping the houses, like the Lannisters and Starks, to their own designated tables, which might be a good idea if you want to avoid a Red Wedding.


Harry Potter

It’s going to be a magical affair so give an invitation that lets them know they’re going to be attending a special event not meant for mere muggles with Harry Potter themed wedding invitations.


Willy Wonka

Not everyone gets to attend your amazing day. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience, so make sure they know how lucky they are by letting them find a golden ticket wedding invitation hidden within a delicious chocolate bar.



Weddings are great occasions for family and friends to gather under one roof and celebrate your love while getting up to hilarious antics that will have people talking for years, so a fitting and fun wedding invitation F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme might be the perfect way to entice those to say ‘I’ll be there for you.’


Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

These wedding invitations are truly unique and are sure to make an impact when the guests start receiving them in the mail.

Viftbox Videobook

Ask your wedding guests to celebrate your big day and tie the knot by sending them a personal video message so that they can see just how much you want them to be there.

A Compass

Make sure people don’t get lost along the way to your special day by giving them all the information they need with a clever compass wedding invitation that reveals everything they need to know.


Dangle Box

They’re small, compact and cute to hold, the Dangle Box is a fun wedding invitation that’s incredibly creative with its design.


Personalised Newspaper

Make their wedding invitation a cut out within a personalised newspaper full of romantic stories highlighting your love for each other.


Scratch Card

Reveal the all important date to your guests with a scratch card wedding invitation and let it register with them that they’re all winners because they’ve been invited to your wedding.


If you liked these 15 suggestions of creative wedding invitations, don’t forget to check out our other blog post of Creative Ways to Ask your Bridesmaids.

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