Christmas Memories and How to Remember Them

Christmas Memories and How to Remember Them

Another Christmas come and gone in a whirlwind of wine, chocolate, turkey sandwiches and general over consumption. The tree is coming down or in fact should be down by Jan 6th, just so you know for future reference (big thanks Good Housekeeping for that one!) and you are in the full flight / fail of your New Year’s Resolutions. However NYR’s are the topic of our next post so lets focus on the past for a change instead of our aspirational future.

Let’s face it Christmas is always a great time of year even when it’s not, it is really. We may moan about having to go out for dinner to meet old friends, having to sit down in the same room as family and having to eat our own body weight in poultry, potatoes and greens but the fact is that when we look back on it we realise just how magical (yes magical!!) a time it is.

Meetings & Greetings

Just think about it, this year didn’t you see friends you haven’t see in a while and had the opportunity to tell each other the same old stories you’ve heard a thousand times before but somehow are still pretty funny?

For us we decided to hit the Canal Bank cafe here in Dublin for our annual meetup and I’d like to say thanks to Menu Pages for the most concise review of all time in helping us make that decision.
Incidentally it was a great choice, fantastic chicken wings and I’d consider myself a bit of an expert in this area.

Didn’t your family manage to get together around a dinner table for a semi civilised sit down? Maybe there were some deviations in opinions but let’s be honest how could we face a New Year without any fireworks.

Christmas dinner

This is possibly optimistic

Santa is Scary First Time Round

Also for me personally it was particularly special because our baby boy Jamie was kind of, sort of, somewhat aware that Christmas had arrived although our trip to the Grotto ended up being a terrifying experience for the poor little lad. He’s not ready for the man in the big red suit just yet I’m afraid. Although it would have been nice to know that before we queued for 45 mins but as little Jamie isn’t talking yet we’ll give him a pass.

Scary Santa

This is not my child BTW

Christmas Memories are Special

The point is we create a ton of memories in those crazy 4 weeks and most of them are pretty good. The only problem is that we can’t get them back and as we move forward fully focused on running marathons, reading lists, learning languages and mastering instruments we unfortunately forget them or at least push them to the back rooms of our minds.

For me its videos of Jamie opening gifts, laughing and then screaming at the site of a giant bearded man wearing a big red suit. For you I’m sure it’s different but I’m also sure that memories were made and most likely recorded.

So what do you do now, of course with photo there a ton of options but when it comes to video and actually getting the stories behind those moments what do we do? Well currently we bury them in the clouds so to speak all too often never to be enjoyed again. So what’s the alternative I hear you shout! Well simply put it’s this just watch the promo video and you’ll see what I mean.

So there you have it a video book is a great way to revisit those ghosts of Christmas past and present in all their live action glory and all you have to do is take it off the shelf and open the cover.

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