Cool Gifts to Give Her for Her Birthday

Ever find yourself being explained to by your trend savvy friend on what’s currently hot on the market and what’s not? It can be great knowing someone who helps you steer through the latest fads and new ways to keep on top of things, but it can be a struggle to figure out a surprising cool gift to give whenever their birthdays roll around. What do you get the woman who knows and possibly has everything that she needs?

Here’s a list of compiled cool gift ideas that we’ve scoured so that you have a unique gift to give that she’s sure to love.

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You


If she happens to be a bona fide crazy cat lady, then why not poke fun at her obsession with her fur baby with the hilarious ‘How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You’. This cute book makes for a cool gift for any woman in love with her cat, because it’s funny because it’s probably true.


Bath Soap Gin


A reminder of one of her favourite nightly activities could be a cool gift to give the girl who likes to be social and make her weekend evenings count. She’ll be getting reminded as she’s getting ready for the night out ahead.

Book Bath Caddy


She loves nothing more than lighting some candles and sinking into a bath full of bubbles. If that sounds like her, then a Book Bath Caddy that would allow her to place all of her relaxing items such as her phone or a book, as well as a glass of wine (of course), would be a much-appreciated cool gift to receive.

Book-Shaped Lamp


Reading and decorating her home with her quirky sense of style are some of her favourite hobbies, so a lamp shaped like a book that she can use on her bedside table might be a lovely cool gift to receive.

A Viftbox Product


Simply put, our range of products are a collection of cool gifts to receive. Think about it. No matter where you are in the world, you can send a Videocard or a Videobook to her with your personal video message inside. And a Video Giftbox allows your friend to store anything they want inside that plays a video full of memories whenever it’s opened.

PhoneSoap Smarthphone Sanitizer


Washing her hands once is never enough. She’s a hygiene freak who just doesn’t believe in the three second food on the floor rule. If this sounds like her, then get her a sanitizer kit for her phone. These UV sanitizers are cool gifts to give because they do all the cleaning work for her and keeps her most treasured item germ free.

Milestone Pillow


Your significant other knows all the important dates like the back of her hand, so why don’t you show how much they mean to you too by giving her a pillow that she can use to get comfortable as she cuddles you. Plus, it can act as a cool gift for yourself as it’ll be a great reminder of any birthdays or anniversaries you daren’t forget.

Slate Cheese Boards


Who doesn’t love cheese? Serve her a platter of delicious selections of cheeses and hors d’oeuvres on her brand new natural slate. Not only does it have its pleasing practical uses (serving treats!) but it acts as a striking backdrop for those Instagram shots every foodie is obligated to take, making it a cool gift on so many levels.

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