Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Announcing that your pregnant can be a one-time thing, or a regular occurring event, depending on how large you want your family to grow. You must remember, though, that each chance you get to share the happy news should be treated as a special gift. It’s also a great gift give to those who can’t wait to welcome the latest addition to their lives.

Here are a mixture of creative gifts and ways to announce to the world that your pregnant.


Be Colourfully Creative

Add some colour into your creative pregnancy announcement by including colourful pink and blue in a picture. See which of your friends is clever enough to twig what the playful colours might represent.

Get Your Other Babies Involved

Do you have someone who’s about to become a big brother or sister? Or maybe you already have a four-legged baby in the family? Include your children and your furry friends in the excitement. You might as well, because they’ll think their new best friend will be a fun gift to them from you.

A Sweet Announcement

Sweeten your announcement by putting together a batch of oven-baked cookies designed with pink and blue icing featuring the words ‘I’m Pregnant’. Or, create pink and blue cupcakes (with a certain colour on the inside if you want to reveal the gender). Another creative pregnancy idea involving food is hand out custom printed M&Ms that are pink and blue and see how many are eaten before someone catches on.

A Picture Only Needs to Tell Two Words

Get your family or friends together for a group photo and share the unexpected news by getting your photographer to snap the picture when you say ‘Everyone, say I’m pregnant’, and capture everyone’s instant reaction to the big announcement.

Use a Gift

You could always announce the news to your parents by giving them an unexpected gift. Let them open a pink or blue wrapped parcel to find baby clothes inside. Or, another creative pregnancy announcement suggestion that we can offer is to give children’s books to relatives with an inscription inside.

Do it All

Here’s an idea (off the top of our head), why not do something that’s encompasses most of the creative pregnancy announcement ideas we’ve suggested by using Viftbox Video Gift Box.

We have pink and blue Gift Boxes, to add that playful colourful element to your announcement. They also feature a video, allowing you to create a pregnancy announcement video that would be heard by anyone who opens their Viftbox Gift Box, making it a unique and personalised gift and a creative way to break the news. Don’t feel like making an individual video for each person you know? No problem, you could always just make one video and get in touch with us to organise a synchronised announcement as we do offer a specified date along with next day delivery service. And, on top of all that, our Viftbox Gift Boxes are also big enough to contain nearly anything you want, such as baby clothes and baby books.

They also make great keepsake boxes for you to store all of your baby’s clothes after they’ve outgrown them, and the videos you store to play over and over again can grow from your announcement to their first appearance to the world.

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