Daddy’s Girl

I love my father. We have such great fun together and are able to talk to each other about anything so I wanted to get a real personalised gift for him because I know that’s what he’d appreciate most.

I had an idea of putting together a photobook and giving it to him as a Father’s Day gift and was pouring through our old family pictures from our previous holidays when I came across some videos. I loved watching them. Most of them I couldn’t even remember, but then I realised that Dad had probably forgotten about them and would probably love to see them, too. So, I had a look for great video gifts and found Viftbox. I sent in the videos yesterday morning and ordered the small blue Gift Box and their 24-hour delivery service was true to their word because the gift just arrived today. I’m delighted!

I can’t wait to see his reaction when he opens the box and sees the video play. I’m going to put his favourite wine inside so that we can share a glass as we watch this Sunday.

2017-07-21T11:24:05+00:00June 14th, 2017|Personal Stories|
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