Thanks Dad

My dad is a pretty happy guy. He loves being a father. To him, there was no greater role to play, and he made sure that all of children knew there was never anything more important to him than the two of us.

We usually make a pretty big deal of him on Father’s Day. It’s the least we can do. We go out for a family dinner at his favourite restaurant, and try and think of unique gifts for him that he would love. However, men are hard to buy for! You ask them what they want and they’ll just shrug. Coming up with a Father’s Day gift that he’ll love is a hard task. This year, we want to give a personalised gift, something that will let him know how much we appreciate him, and what can be better than a Video Book that shows how much we do?

Dad’s was often behind the camera capturing us and making scrapbooks or videos of our family gatherings and holidays. Because of that, he’s not usually in our family pictures or videos (before the days of selfie sticks!), and we wanted to give a gift for him that would show we remembered that he’s always there. So, for a truly personalised gift, we’ve gone through all of the footage that he’s compiled over the years and we’ve made a short five minute family video. We just had to think of a way to present our memories and Viftbox’s products look like they’re memorable gifts with style. I think he will really like it.

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