Singing Sisters

Me and my sister have a favourite past time – we set up our phone, get the wine and blast a CD to lip sync to as we do dance offs to watch over with glasses of wine and laugh until our sides ache. That was the proud sister tradition for nearly the past decade, until recently when my sister went off and got married, pregnant and moved away! She was unable to meet up for our annual dance off, but I was determined we’d keep our tradition alive!

I went searching for an anniversary gift that would suit the occasion and do what I needed. On the date that we would usually get together, we instead sent videos back and forth to one another of our recorded dance floor moves. However, what my sister didn’t know was that the next day, I compiled all of the videos together and sent them into Viftbox and ordered the small Gift Box. Viftbox’s gifts have 24 hour shipping so I didn’t have long to wait before my sides were aching as I watched our dance off when I opened the video box. There was only one clear winner! I placed her favourite wine bottle inside and posted the gift box on to her. She said it was the best and funniest wine gift basket she’d ever received, though she didn’t appreciate the note inside letting her know that I was still the champ!

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