Forgetful Son

I believe I have a great gift for Father’s Day now thanks to eGifted. I’m affectionately known in my family as the son who forgets all occasions. I never remember birthdays or anniversaries, and Father’s Day and Mother’s Day? Forget about it! And let’s be honest, it can be hard to think of a memorable gift for him and usually Dads end up with socks, golf balls and a card … if lucky! If I do remember, it’s usually a rushed last minute gift. I can’t help it!

This year was looking like it would prove to be the same as I’ve booked to go on holidays and would miss Father’s Day. However, I have created a personalised Father’s Day gift that will allow me to be there in spirit. Viftbox’s Video Book took me less then 5 minutes to put together. I took my phone out, made a quick personalised message and ordered it to be delivered on the Friday just before Father’s Day weekend. It’s great! Now I can bring that out any time my family jokes that I miss all of the occasions and remind them of the time that I created the most personalised gift!

2017-07-21T11:24:17+00:00June 6th, 2017|Personal Stories|
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