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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Within the Republic of Ireland | Standard Post: 1 – 2 Days | Express Post: Next Day Guaranteed.
  • Within the United Kingdom | Standard Post: 2 – 3 Days | Express Post: 2 Days Guaranteed.
  • Within Europe | Standard Post: 5 – 7 Days | Express Post: 3 – 4 Days Guaranteed.
  • Australia, USA or Canada | Standard Post: 7 – 10 Days | Express Post: 5 – 7 Days Guaranteed.


All Express Post deliveries are fully tracked, however, there is no tracking available for Standard Post.


Your video can be 30 seconds long, if you record it on our website.

Yes, you can send multiple videos directly to us by email or via WeTransfer and we can upload it from here. Just supply a running order within your message, whichever way you choose to send your multiple videos. Please send your videos to


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We can accept a wide range of video formats so just send it on in and we can usually deal with it. We’ll contact you if there are any problems.

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