Hen Night

Ever been on a night out and had an idea that seems like a good one at the time, after perhaps one too many cocktails? That’s what happened to us on a recent night out! Me and the bridesmaids had all come in from different parts of the country for our friend’s hen night, and I got the idea that we should all record our night as it was happening.

We didn’t realise until Viftbox’s Video Books came two days later to each of our houses that we had recorded …. EVERYTHING!

I phoned up the Maid of Honour to tell her what I had received in the post, only to find that she too had received an eGifted book. All of the bridal party had! Our mutual friend, the BRIDE, had collected all of the videos that night and explained she had compiled them into a gift for her best friends. It was a last minute gift idea, and I love it! It’s a unique bridesmaid gift that lets me look back on it whenever I want to remember all of the embarrassing antics we got up to that night!

2017-07-21T11:26:21+00:00May 19th, 2017|Personal Stories|
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