What Mother’s day present do you get the mother when you only have two days before the day and you plan to spend one of those days nursing the mother of all hangovers?! That was the dilemma I was facing on a college night out with the lads.

I was frantically trying to come up with some great last minute gift ideas under €20, and was going to go with a bunch of flowers when someone mentioned a video card that delivered within Ireland in 24 hours. I thought he was having me on or had one too many – wouldn’t be the first time, but he showed me the website. I told him I didn’t have a camera or a computer with me, however, he explained that I could send the video card with my phone.

The price wasn’t bad, lads were egging me on to give it a go, so I recorded the video, chose a card that I thought the mother would like, put in the home address and then forgot all about it. Didn’t remember a thing until I met for the family dinner and Viftbox’s card and my drunken message with the lads wishing her a slurred Happy Mother’s Day was showed to me. We all had a laugh and she got a real kick out of the card. Said it was her favourite Mother’s Day gift she’d ever received from me, and my friends, and still plays it anytime she hears I’m going out on the tear with the lads.

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