Last Minute Children’s Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy Halloween! It’s ‘Trick or Treat’ time. Halloween is rolling around once again as Ireland’s October Bank Holiday Weekend gears up to be spooky fun. Halloween parties to attend, chocolate bounties to collect and, of course, a Dublin Marathon to run (the scariest part of the weekend for many), all make this Bank Holiday Weekend a jam-packed one.

We’re guessing there’s going to be a few busy parents this weekend trying to keep up with their children’s busy social lives. Especially for the ones who get the terrifying last-minute notice that a costume is required.

Here are some last-minute Halloween children costume ideas that we’ve found for inspiration that you can make even if you barely have time to say boo to a ghost:


A red jumper, spots and a hairband and your child quickly becomes an adorable ladybug who can flutter from door to door collecting sweets galore.


For one night only, why not make Halloween the night your kids are your minions rather than you being theirs. 

Stick Man

A creative and simple last minute Halloween costume is the ‘Stick Man / Woman’ costume that only requires white clothes to draw on. All the chocolates and sweets that this costume will earn is sure to fatten them up, too.


Grab two ping pong balls and draw a pair of eyes on them, stick them on a jumper and pull it over their head and suddenly you have a scary halloween monster prowling the streets. Oh, and a green jumper as illustrated in the picture would probably be scarier than pink.

Wind Up Doll

We love this last minute halloween costume idea. It takes some DIY creative craft work but all it takes is some cardboard and gold paint to create a key to stick to the back and suddenly, your child is a wind-up doll.


Black pants, a white and black striped topped, a black bandana, and a sack full of chocolate coins and you have a bandit in your midst. Just remember to keep a careful eye on your own chocolate loot when there are thieves about.

Kid in Pyjamas

We know this idea is really for the adults, but what an easy last minute costume for your child if you’re stuck. And the best thing about it, is that if you get tired of Trick or Treating, you can always just say ‘Time for Bed’.

And of course, once you’ve put together these fabulous last-minute Halloween costumes together, you’ll have to show off your creative skills and their ‘horrifying’ cuteness to the grandparents. We vote you take a video and send it via a Viftbox Postcard or Videobook so that your kids can deliver a giant ‘Boo’ and sing ‘Trick or Treat’.


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