New Baby

I’m writing this post because I’m a big fan of Viftbox and I’m glad I found them. Not only does the company provide a collection of unique gifts that helps store, package and display memories, but it’s a great gift idea for couples to share experiences they’re making on their road together.

We have a three year old son and a two month old daughter. Like all parents, we are excited at the prospect of a new addition to our family, however, my wife was concerned how our son may respond to no longer being the ‘baby’ of the family. Our son kept telling us how excited he was in the lead up to the birth, but that didn’t stop my wife from worrying about the upcoming change in dynamics within our family.

Our friends had recently received a Viftbox Gift Box as a baby shower gift, and it gave me an idea. I sat my son on my lap and asked him to tell Mummy how excited he was that he would soon have a baby brother or sister to play with. I recorded his response and sent it to Viftbox, and the next day, my son handed his Video Book present to Mom to open. We have that Video Book and memory of our son’s excitement stored on our bookshelf, alongside the latest family gift I made of us welcoming our new baby girl to our now family of four.

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