Big Sis

Dad was turning the big 6-0 and all of the family were living in different corners of the world. Being the oldest daughter, it was my job to coordinate the party, find the amazing unique gift for Dad, and do something special for him – basically do everything! However, no matter how much organising I did, I always had the obstacle of that, not everyone could be there and those that could come in weren’t flying in until it was too late to be able to do anything but put their name on whatever birthday gift that I chose and bought.

Left with facing the task alone, I was trolling through multiple websites for the best gift ideas for men when I found Viftbox. I suddenly got excited, a little more than necessary if I’m to be honest, but I knew I had found a way that I could give a special gift to our father and not have to do it alone. I quickly set about badgering everyone and spelt it out to them that no matter how busy they all were or how far they were from home, they could all take time out to hold their phone and record a video wishing him a happy birthday. They were posting enough on Facebook and Instagram so a video saying hi wasn’t out of the realms of possibility!

When I had all of the videos ready, I sent them off to Viftbox and chose the Small Gift Box so that I could use it for his favourite aged single malt scotch. The box was delivered within 24 hours, just as promised, and I think I was still expecting it to be some sort of wine gift basket because I was surprised when I saw the video box and it started playing our videos when we opened it. I genuinely teared up to see all of my little siblings saying hi to Dad – it was like they were there. I thought I was just a little emotional, until I saw Dad’s eyes glisten, too. He said it was a gift full of memories, which added to the occasion of his big birthday, and he really enjoyed watching it with his glass of scotch in hand.

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