Shy Boyfriend

I have Viftbox to thank for my relationship. My boyfriend is so sweet. He’s very thoughtful and is a real romantic, but he’s so shy that he could never build up the nerve to ask me out. For months we would talk in between classes or on college night outs, and I knew that he liked me and was expecting him to make a move, but he never did and I stayed waiting.

This continued until I purposely revealed in one of my many different conversations with him that I loved receiving mail. I had mentioned it in the hope that he would take the hint and send me a romantic love letter declaring his feelings or even a cheap card that said it for him. He took the hint, but I gasped and almost dropped the card when I opened it. There were no written words, it was a video, of him, speaking, and inside the card I was holding while I stood in my pyjamas in the hall! He calmly and confidently told me how he felt and that he wanted to take me out for dinner (he revealed he recorded over a dozen videos before he was happy).

It was the most romantic gift I’ve ever received. My heart literally burst out of my chest when I watched his video and heard his words like he was in the room with me. I had never seen a video card before and I thought it was such a great gift idea for women to receive from their crushes – so sweet, personal and unique. I fought the urge to send him a text message and played it cool. I looked up Viftbox and found that they could deliver gifts within 24 hours, so I created my own video response and sent a creative Vift Book back with my answer (yes!) inside, and we’ve been together since. I still have both of our card and book displayed on my bookshelf. They’re memorable gifts that store our memories of how we began.

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