The Best Christmas Gift Boxes

Are you currently undergoing strenuous gym sessions, intensive martial art lessons, and spiritual yoga classes as you begin training and bracing yourself for the upcoming gauntlet against other frenzied shoppers in search of 2017’s best Christmas gifts?

Or are you one of those well-prepared types with their shopping checklist checked back in October and Christmas wrapping paper stored away since last January’s sale? If you are, you have every reason to be smug and soak in our everyone’s envy.

However, we’re pretty confident that no such person truly exists and we’re all just muggles (who else has been catching the customary Harry Potter movies?) in need of help to make it through the last-minute Christmas shopping madness that lies ahead. And that’s what we’re providing today with our list of the Best Christmas Gift Boxes that you can buy.

These Christmas Gift Boxes will not only make any gift you buy that much better, but will save you from a rushed Christmas Eve wrapping job! And everyone will commend you on such a thoughtful and well thought out gift, so without further ado, here’s our list of the Best Christmas Gift Boxes you can give this Christmas:


Create your very own tailor made Christmas Gift Box with the UK company Boxmart. Their website is a DIY service full of helpful suggestions and all of the material so that you can create beautiful looking hamper gift boxes, keepsake boxes, jewellery boxes, or whatever type of Gift Box you have in mind.

Buy them here.


While you don’t have the same type of creative freedom at Paperchase to create your own tailor made Gift Box, what you do have are a range of already made fashionable and Christmas themed designs to really make your Christmas Gift shine.

Buy them here.

Aldi Christmas Hamper

Everyone loves receiving a Christmas hamper overspilling with yummy goodies. We’ve had a look around and there are some terrific Christmas Gift Hampers out there, but Aldi have assembled all that is traditional, from cakes, chocolates, wine, and champagne, within a classic hand-crafted wicker hamper.

Buy them here.

JoJo Mamam Bébé’s Christmas Eve Box

This sturdy pretty box makes for an ideal Christmas Eve Gift Box that can be filled with a special toy. With the authentic-looking stamps and wooden crate design, your child will be under the impression that it’s a personal gift from Santa Claus himself.

Buy them here.

Viftbox Video Gift Box

Last, but certainly not least, is our very own Viftbox Video Gift Box. The unique feature about our gift boxes are the built in video screens that allow you to insert your own personalised video Christmas greeting. And if you wanted to take the possibilities one step further, imagine getting someone you know to dress up as Santa so that they can give your kids a real surprise when they open up their Gift Box on Christmas morning.

Buy your Gift Box here.

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