The Promotion

I recently promoted one of my employees, and I wanted to give her a personalised gift. Her dedication, graft and vision has seen the company reap rewards thanks to all of her hard work and I wanted to give something a little more personal and beyond the usual corporate gifts so she would know how much she was appreciated. I considered the typical gift ideas for women a clueless man might consider, but when I saw a promotion for a Viftbox Video Box, I knew I could give her a unique gift.

I stepped out of view from my employees and made the recording with my phone – the whole process to create and place an order took 5 minutes and the gift video box was delivered to my office within 24 hours. The Vift Gift Box not only surprised her with all of my gushing words when she opened it, but it became the best wine gift basket because inside I had placed a bottle of her favourite champagne. She couldn’t resist sharing the gift with the rest of the office – the message, not the champagne!

2017-07-21T11:26:42+00:00May 19th, 2017|Personal Stories|
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