The Irish Travel Blogger who Uses Viftbox to Send Gifts From Abroad

Irish travel blogger, Siobhán, or as she’s more known by her Instagram followers as A Girl Who Blooms (@agirlwhoblooms), has recently taken to using Viftbox to keep in touch with friends and family back in Ireland when she’s travelling, and she was happy to share her opinion with us when we asked.

“I absolutely love these. They’re so so fun, a completely revolutionary take on the typical postcard,” she said. “When I’m travelling, I take videos and shots for my social media platforms, and now I can upload them from my phone to the videobooks to send home. My mother isn’t on Instagram but loves seeing the photos and videos from my travels. Something she can hold in her hand and show to the family and neighbours!”

“I used to live abroad for years,” she added, “and would have loved to have something like this to send back to my family for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas, a little more personal than signing a card and much longer lasting than a Skype call.”

Siobhán travels as often as she can and captures moments that inspire others to travel more, which has led to her picking up an ever-growing following of those wanting to see where she’ll go next. The fact that she’s constantly on the move makes her phone her most important accessory and Viftbox a great service to know. “I really never know when I’ll have access to Wi-Fi or my laptop when I’m travelling because I’m always on the go, so finding a post-office is just out of the question. However, my phone is practically glued to my hand on a constant basis so Viftbox’s video upload function is a bit of a lifesaver when it comes to any upcoming birthdays back home. I can send a personalised gift wherever I am in the world, which can be really handy if I’m ever stuck up a mountain somewhere!”

For someone who has lived abroad and travels as much as she does, it’s no surprise to learn that Siobhán got married abroad in an inspiring setting, which led to her becoming very fond of Viftbox’s Video Gift Boxes. “I recently got married, which Fly Away Bride published and they also featured my fantastic wedding trailer. I love that video, which is what led to me discovering Viftbox. I ordered their pretty Ivory Gift Box to use as my wedding keepsake box and as a way to  watch my wedding trailer whenever I open it.”

Viftbox is designed to allow people to capture, share and store their memories wherever they are in the world, making it a great gift to send from abroad. “I’m just travelling my heart out and Viftbox is just another way for me to share my experiences,” she told us, and we’re looking forward to following more of Siobhán’s travels on Instagram and at

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