Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy or Girl

Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy or Girl

So what you get do you get for a 1 year old? Or rather what do you get for the proud and besotted mama and papa? It can be a tough question and cause a fair amount of cerebral stress but have no fear as there is in fact a simple equation that can be used to tease out this particular task.

Memories x (Photos + Videos) – Expense = Delighted Parents & Family

So how do we complete this equation in practice, well like all mathematical problems these days we use a machine and consult the Internet.

Memorable First Birthday Gifts

Ok so first things first, you of course want to get something that will be both heartfelt and memorable, something that everyone involved can look back on in the years to come and be reminded of just how special those first early years truly where.

Of course today they way we do that is by taking endless numbers of photos and videos of the moments that matter most to us (and a fair few that don’t such as breakfast, dinner and/or dessert) that ultimately get buried in our phone or backed up to the mysterious cloud. Either way they are never to be enjoyed again.

However what if you could bring your photos and videos to life in a similar but better way than photo books currently do and without the expense or the time needed to craft that perfect book?

What if you could also include those magical video moments that make us laugh and smile so much and tell you so much more about the moment than a photo ever could?

That would indeed make a memorable first birthday gift, something that could be enjoyed over and over again and as easily as just opening a book.

Personalised First Birthday Gifts

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is surely worth ten times that! Imagine delivering a beautiful slideshow collection of videos and photos of your most magical moments all wrapped in a hand crafted video book that automatically plays when opened.

The Viftbox slideshow maker allows you to upload your favourite videos and pictures with just a couple of clicks.

You’ve just created your owned personalised first birthday gift containing the most magical moments of that amazing first year. It truly is a unique birthday gift for any 1 year old boy or girl

You can even include a personalised video message at the start of your slideshow to really make it special.


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